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ZILT. Because there is more.

Contemplating small or big course changes while sailing on a luxurious catamaran.

Welcome to our world... eh boat!

Do you want to contemplate small or big changes to the course of your life? But don’t you understand why you have to seriously face yourself in doing so? It can also be done differently. Sail with us on our luxurious catamaran ZILT on the Mediterranean sea!

Tell me more!

Our Philosophy

Imagine you have already proven you can do it. Not just once, but 5 times or more already. And that just because of that…

How it all started

We, David en José-Anne, had the same dream. I deliberately said “had” because it is no dream anymore. We turned our dream into reality. We wanted freedom. And we wanted adventure. In fact we just wanted to change our life. Even though we had a very comfortable life.

Our travels

We focus on you and put your course at the center. And that course is different for everyone. This means that…

About ZILT

There are motor boats and sail boats. And there are catamarans. We love sailing. Our Lagoon 39…

About the costs

There is no way around it. We make use of free resources such as wind as much as possible, but every now and then…

About David & José-Anne

Hi, My name is José-Anne. Do you know what people say about me? That I am an energetic, sharp and entertaining rebel. That I…


Want to stay posted on our adventures or just want to see what you can expect? During our travels we actively blog and vlog. Next to that we take a lot of pictures. If you do what your heart tells you, you want to share this with as many people as possible. This way we hope to inspire you. Curious? Check it out.

Zilt Sea Miracles

Want to know more? Call José-Anne: +31 6 38933810

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ZILT Launch

Spring 2018, ZILT will be officially launched. This will of course not go unnoticed. Keep a close eye on our Website and Social Media for more information about the exact date and location.

Zilt Departure

The departure date has been set! On Friday May 11th ZILT will set sail. Follow our blog and social media channels for more information.

Steun ons!